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Viral on Twitter: Dr. Savitha Rani. M’s Aquatic Yoga Campaign Ignites Dialogue on Voting Rights and Democratic Participation

Dr. Savitha Rani. M, a trailblazer in the world of Jala Yoga, is once again making waves with her latest endeavor, causing quite the stir on Twitter and in the media. Her recent initiative blends her aquatic yoga mastery with a call to action for social responsibility, timed perfectly with the onset of general elections in India.

With two decades of dedication to Jala Yoga under her belt, Dr. Rani has achieved incredible milestones, mastering 45 water asanas and even breaking records with an unprecedented 8-hour nonstop Jalayoga session. Her passion for popularizing this unique form of yoga has taken her to global stages, including prestigious events like Kumbha Mela 2022, showcasing her unwavering commitment to preserving and promoting this ancient discipline.

Her latest campaign quickly gained traction on Twitter, becoming a trending topic and sparking conversations nationwide. It’s evident that her call for voting resonated deeply, capturing the attention of a diverse audience.

Reflecting on her journey, Dr. Rani shared her belief in the unifying power of yoga, emphasizing its ability to connect mind, body, and spirit, as well as individuals with the universe. Her journey into Jala Yoga began over a decade ago, spurred by a challenge from her mother to practice yoga on water. Despite initial struggles and numerous close calls, Dr. Rani persisted, mastering the art through sheer determination and discipline.

Describing Jala Yoga as a blend of yoga, meditation, pranayama, and swimming, Dr. Rani explained the challenges and rewards of practicing on water. It took her years of dedication to achieve mastery, but the rejuvenating experience it offers makes every effort worthwhile.

In the same vein, she describes how she fostered interest in Jala Yoga. It was her mother Shrimati Nirmala Mallikarjuna inspired her to take up yoga. On the other hand, her father Prof K. Mallikarjuna motivated her to take up swimming.

It was the fusion of these two activities that led her to pursue Jala Yoga. 

Recognizing the transformative potential of yoga, especially in a water setting, Dr. Rani has made it her mission to educate and inspire others. While she may not directly teach due to the demanding nature of the practice, she enthusiastically shares her knowledge through lectures and workshops, spreading awareness about the benefits of Jala Yoga.

In her latest endeavor, Dr. Savitha Rani.M conducted a special Jala Yoga session with a unique focus — to encourage citizens to fulfill their civic duty by participating in the general elections. Understanding the significance of voting as a fundamental right and pillar of democracy, Dr. Rani seized the opportunity to use her platform to inspire others to exercise their democratic privilege.

Speaking about the session, Dr. Rani stressed the importance of citizen engagement in shaping the nation’s future. Through the Jala Yoga session, she aimed not only to promote physical and mental well-being but also to cultivate a sense of social responsibility among participants.

Dr. Savitha Rani.M’s dedication to both physical and civic fitness exemplifies her multifaceted leadership and unwavering commitment to making a positive impact on society.

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